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Seated Mandrake 1 - Goblinfruit Studio

Sculpture & Plush

Carvings, resin castings, one-of-a kind sculpts, needle felting, plush, wire sculpting

Seated Mandrake 1 - Goblinfruit Studio

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Seated Mandrake 1 - Goblinfruit Studio


Said to spring from the ground below that of a hanged man, the Mandrake root is known for its distinctive human-like shape and ear-piercing scream when pulled from the ground (which is capable of killing the unfortunate soul gathering it). While folklore states a Mandrake should be bathed in milk or wine and wrapped in silk to keep it satisfied, ours are a bit more low-maintenance and just appreciate some stimulating conversation and cake every now and then.

Dimensions: 3–3.5" h x 1"w

Medium: Epoxy clay, wire, paper, acrylic paint, spanish moss

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