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Youngest Daughter- Tim Lee


Paintings, drawings and everything else in between.

Youngest Daughter- Tim Lee

8b. Youngest Daughter_TLEE_detail.jpg
8b. Youngest Daughter_TLEE_detail.jpg

Youngest Daughter- Tim Lee

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The youngest of a long forgotten king

Original oil painting on canvas, in a new vintage style gold frame.
Signed and varnished.

Canvas size: 8” wide by 10" tall.
Frame size: 14.5" by 16.5"

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Tim Lee, co-owner of ODDCO, lives and works in his log cabin studio near Pittsboro, NC. Part painter, part maker, Tim has been a professional artist his entire adult life. He makes oil paintings, sculptures, wood carvings and screen printed art often combining all three. His diverse work always has a story to tell about a magical place or moment in time, it might be a rabbit, a banjo player or even an owl, but the common thread is a feeling of mystery and nostalgia. Check out Tim's sculptures, custom light switch covers, edition prints, wall art and unique T-shirt designs.