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Paintings, drawings and everything else in between.

Will of Stranger Things - Jeff Bertrand


Will of Stranger Things - Jeff Bertrand


Portrait of Will from the Netflix Stranger Things show.

Acrylic on deep canvas
5” x 5” x 1.5 Depth

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Jeff Bertrand is a native Nashvillian who has a taste for the weird. Nicknamed by Full Moon Art Market creator Mandy Lopez “king of the creeps “, Bertrand uses antique objects like matchbooks and meat cleavers to create masterful yet dark works . Bertrand strives to find items that push the boundary of what art could or should be. With whimsical splashes of color counter balancing the dark imagery, Bertrand uses the term dark art for his works but they have humorous elements as well . Bertrand is a maker of the macabre and muralist as well as a hair artist . Anything he puts his hands to becomes a wonderful work of art .