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Power Up!

tim Lee

Light is good! No lack of amperage going into the Lustron upgrade. New mini splits, track lighting, and gallons of turtle wax… that floor is gonna shine up like a 70’s roller disco.

Wax on. Wax off.

tim Lee

Cleaning the Lustron’s 70-year-old interior wall panels on a November Sunday afternoon. Wash, rinse, wax and buff. It’s really amazing how durable the baked enamel finish is on these walls, they shine up like new. BTW, all of that warm grey is giving me art school flashbacks.

21st century foam insulation will keep this old house warm and dry.

21st century foam insulation will keep this old house warm and dry.

Moving Day

tim Lee

Back in June this lonesome Lustron was picked up and moved down the street to her new location. She was looking pretty rough and forgotten back then but now it’s November and she’s getting plenty of TLC while waiting to be filled with some very interesting odd things.

Skate party!

tim Lee

Vintage 1970’s era roller rink floor was installed this week. If you listen closely you can almost hear the ghost of Tony Orlando and Dawn singing “Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me”. We’re so happy the flooring found a new home in an old Lustron home.

The unfinished area in the back corner is where the checkout counter and small bar will be located. Insulation is coming next!

IMG_0132 2.jpg

Strap In For a Wild Ride, Folks!

David Holt

odd eyes.jpg

This is gonna be crazy, fun and a little unhinged. We’re learning as we go and you’ll be able to follow along with us. You can catch the latest “long form” news here on the blog or keep it short and sweet with Instagram and Facebook. We’ll try to keep them all updated as regularly as possible.

The Lustron in process of renovation.

The Lustron in process of renovation.