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Natural Raw Quartz Necklace - Lily in Flux


Natural Raw Quartz Necklace - Lily in Flux


Each raw quartz crystal is unique, has an oxidized bezel and hangs on an antiqued brass chain. Perfection in simplicity.

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Lizz Godfroy (Lily In Flux) has always been a scavenger of sorts, constantly collecting even the most unassuming treasures, ephemera, things left behind, objects with history, & stories from the past. Her goal is to bring the past into the present by making something beautiful and interesting out of discarded bits of life. Lizz uses found objects, natural materials, and artifacts with history, like 1950's eyeglass lenses, skeleton keys, bones, crystals, stones, & deer antlers, and can turn just about anything into distinct wearable pieces. All of her work reflects this need to salvage & re-purpose, mixing paper and paint, objects and artifacts, metal & stone, text and textures to create a story, a puzzle or simply evoke emotion. Lizz’ studio is in Cincinnati, Ohio.