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Fine Silver Leaf Necklace - Anne Kosmicki

four leaves necklace Anne Kosmicki.jpg
four leaves necklace Anne Kosmicki.jpg
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Fine Silver Leaf Necklace - Anne Kosmicki


These petite leaves are made from Precious Metal Clay (PMC). They are arranged around silver-plated & sterling silver chain varieties.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is worked like regular clay to form my pieces. I create a slip from dried PMC to coat real leaves many, many times. Once I have coated the leaf enough, I fire it in our kiln. The leaf is fired away, leaving fine silver with an intense detail of the leaf. I finish the pieces with liver of sulphur to highlight the details. Then I polish, file, burnish, & otherwise work my pieces until they are finished.

Leaves measure 1 inch to 2 inches long. Necklace measures about 18 inches.

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Anne Kosmicki is an Atlanta-based artist who has been focused on jewelrysmithing since 2010. Her metal work is a blend of strong imagery with lots of texture & striking stones, ensuring each piece is a statement. While she finds making from her own imagination to be a crazy ride, she finds a lot of fulfillment from working with others, like her husband or creating custom pieces for customers.